July 13, 2024
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Franks Estills Convoy

In a poignant display of unity and remembrance, the community of Cedarville came together on Friday morning to honor the life of Frank Estill, who tragically passed away recently. The convoy, which commenced in Fernley, Nevada, and culminated at Estill’s family ranch, Bare Ranch, witnessed an outpouring of support and solidarity.

The convoy, consisting of trucks adorned with messages of tribute, traveled via Highway 447, symbolizing the journey from Fernley to Bare Ranch. Upon reaching Bare Ranch, a semi truck convoy made its way to Cedarville’s 4 Way.

Hundreds of individuals lined the streets of Cedarville, gathering on Main Street to pay their respects and celebrate the life of Frank Estill. Among the somber yet supportive crowd, emotions ran deep as our community was punctuated by a traditional tribute, as Frank’s horse was led down Main Street by his older brother. The riderless horse, with cowboy boots placed backwards in the stirrups, symbolized the absence of Frank and his final journey. This timeless gesture, steeped in tradition, served as a poignant reminder of Frank’s presence and impact within the community.

The event not only provided solace to Estill’s family and loved ones but also showcased the strength and resilience of the Modoc community in times of adversity. Through acts of unity and remembrance, Frank Estill’s legacy continues to resonate, ensuring that his memory will endure in the hearts and minds of those who knew him.

Pictures by Debra Cockrell

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