July 13, 2024
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Graduation Season Celebrates Milestones and New Beginnings

As the graduation season unfolds, families across the nation are experiencing a range of emotions. For some, it’s the excitement of seeing their first child graduate, while for others, it’s another milestone with more children to follow. For many, it marks the graduation of their last child in 2024. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s a significant moment for everyone involved—a testament to the years of preparation and teaching that have led to this point.

Parents have spent countless hours guiding their children through life, alongside the excellent teachers who have played a pivotal role in the students’ journey over the past 18 years. The collective effort of parents, educators, and mentors has culminated in this moment of celebration and anticipation.

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” This sentiment resonates deeply as families prepare to send their children into the world, hoping they have equipped them with the necessary tools to succeed. Questions linger: Did we teach him how to budget? Did we teach her utmost kindness? While parents will continue to play a role in their children’s lives, they now face the challenge of stepping back and allowing them to navigate their paths.

This period is filled with pride, excitement, and a touch of anxiety, but above all, it is a time of hope. Hope that graduates will thrive, find joy, and make meaningful contributions to the world. As they embark on their new journeys, they carry with them the lessons of their past and the dreams for their future.

To the Class of 2024, your journey is just beginning. Embrace the challenges, cherish the memories, and keep moving forward. Your future is bright, and the world eagerly awaits your contributions.

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Graduation Announcement 

Congratulations to Haley Irish! Haley graduated this May from CSU Chico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. She is currently working at a nonprofit with those experiencing homelessness.