July 12, 2024
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Historic Likely Community Church Set for Major Renovation

Once a Town Focal Point, the 1894 Church Moves to a New Location for Restoration, Thanks to Pearce Flournoy’s Generous Donation

The Likely Community Church, originally known as Wheeler Memorial, was established in 1894 by a group of 12 members. Once a historical focal point in the small town of Likely, the church had faded into a quiet and partially hidden memory.

Recently, the church was relocated catty-cornered from Likely General Market, where it will undergo extensive renovations. These improvements aim to restore the church to its former glory and reestablish it as the heart of the community. 

The renovation plans include restoring the original wood flooring and expanding the ceilings back to their original height. The front of the building will also be revamped, and a belfry will be added. Once completed, the bell tower will be the first sight greeting visitors to Likely, making the church a prominent landmark once again.

Pearce Flournoy, who donated the lot for the church’s new location, has played a crucial role in the revitalization efforts. His generosity will be acknowledged by all who visit the new site.

Residents are looking forward to the church becoming a vibrant center of community life once again.

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