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TEACH Inc. Asking the Community to Help Foster Children

As the nation marks Independence Day, a local program is highlighting a critical issue facing America: the foster care crisis. This July 4, the Modoc CASA Program is encouraging community members to attend a special screening of “Sound of Hope” at 1:30 p.m. at the Niles Theatre, aiming to raise awareness and support for foster children.

The crisis is severe, with over 100,000 children nationwide waiting for adoption. Angel Studios’ film “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot” tells the true story of a small church in Texas that adopted 77 children, showcasing the impact a dedicated community can have on vulnerable lives. On Angel Studios website they suggest “9 Ways to help a child in Foster Care Today,” The nine recommendations include, Become a Mentor to a Foster Child, Donate Supplies to Local Organizations, Participate in Foster Care Fundraising Efforts, Consider Becoming a Respite Care Provider, Volunteer with a Local Foster Organization, Consider Becoming a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Host a Meet & Greet, Educate Others About the Foster Crisis, Donate Your Time and Skills.

The Modoc CASA Program emphasizes that there are numerous ways individuals can support foster children. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers are needed to advocate for the safety and well-being of children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Unlike foster parents, CASA volunteers are just everyday citizens who do not house children but spend time with them, acting as their voice in court and advocating for their best interests.

Foster parents also play a crucial role by providing a stable and caring environment for children. They help ensure that children receive necessary education, medical care, and emotional support. Keeping children close to their familiar surroundings, such as their families and schools, is a priority.

The Modoc Foster Family Agency and the Modoc CASA Program, both divisions of TEACH Inc., are seeking individuals interested in becoming foster, adoption, or respite care homes. Stephanie Larson and Jessica Fredrick are the contacts for more information about fostering and the CASA Program. The TEACH main office is located at 112 East 2nd St. in Alturas, or interested parties can call 530-233-3111. Additional information is available on the TEACH website at teachinc.org.

Reporting suspected child abuse is a crucial step in protecting children. Social workers and partnering agencies often work with families to provide the education and support needed to keep families together. Cases do not always result in children entering foster care or the court system, as the goal is to maintain safe family units. Suspected child abuse or neglect in Modoc County can be reported to the Department of Social Services at 530-233-6501.

This Independence Day, the Modoc CASA Program is urging the community to step forward and help foster children seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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