July 12, 2024
Modoc, US 95 F
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Modoc 4-H Shooting Sports Team

The Modoc 4H “Dirt Squirrels” Shooting Sports team competed in our Annual Top Shot Competition on Sunday April 14th. We had 22 members compete, disciplines offered were Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Muzzleloader and Archery. Our Top Shot Winner is Owen Romesha, he is a Sophomore at Modoc High School and has been in 4H Shooting Sports since 4th Grade.

4H Leaders: Dan Struab, Bill Engel, Chris Murray, Chris Battram, Vern Seevers, Jake McCulley, John Minto, Aaron Teuscher, John Daly, Jim Worch, Caitlyn Davis. 4H Members: Lily Stagnaro-Pierce, Kyle Wolfe, Ramsey McCulley, Tanner Daly, Trent Teuscher, Hannah Harris, Miles Murray, Grady Battram, Owen Romesha, Josh Minto, Rebecca Worch, Molly Engel, Christopher Ratliff, Bradyn Knighton, Emily Engel, Michael Murray, Brett Nelson, Oliver Battram, Payton Romesha.

If your child is interested in joining 4H Shooting Sports please sign up online. Enrollment is generally around September. Your child must be 9 years old, and pass hunter safety. Disciplines offered for first year members are Rifle, Shotgun & Archery. Second year members can do Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun. Muzzleloader and Archery.

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