July 12, 2024
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Sheriff’s Blotter

In a bustling week for law enforcement in Modoc County, the Sheriff’s Office has been kept on its toes with a flurry of incidents, arrests, and updates on the jail population.

Starting on Tuesday, April 9th, responders were called to the Likely area following reports of a small aircraft crash, resulting in the Coroner’s involvement. Later that same day, an aggressive dog in the Adin area prompted action from authorities, leading to contact with the owner. In the evening, a report of a suspicious person in the MRE area was investigated.

Wednesday, April 10th, saw further activity with responses to reports of trespassing in the MRE area and a deceased person in the Canby area, both necessitating Coroner reports.

Thursday, April 11th, brought cooperation with Alturas Police in addressing a physical altercation and responding to another report of a suspicious person in the MRE area, culminating in an arrest.

Friday, April 12th, witnessed law enforcement’s intervention in instances of trespassing and managing animals at large in various parts of the county. Additionally, a traffic stop in the Alturas rural area led to an arrest.

Saturday, April 13th, remained eventful with a report of possible dynamite found in the MRE area, requiring careful handling to render the object safe. Traffic stops in Alturas City and the rural area resulted in citations and warnings issued.

Sunday, April 14th, saw responses to reports of theft in the Cal Pines area and dogs at large in the Alturas rural area, with law enforcement making contact with relevant individuals.

Monday, April 15th, marked the arrest of an individual in Fort Bidwell with an outstanding warrant, alongside a series of traffic stops across different areas of the county.

Meanwhile, the Modoc County Jail has housed 27 individuals as of Tuesday morning, including three females and 24 males, nearing its capacity of 43. An additional person is serving time in another facility.

Among the recent bookings, notable arrests include Amanda Marie Hamilton for a DUI conviction, Robin Lee Klabbatz for probation violation, and Peter Joseph Ballard for driving unlicensed and violating a court order. Skylar Alexander Favier was detained for disorderly conduct/alcohol per the Alturas Police Department. Additionally, James Lee Crampton was arrested on misdemeanor warrants, Kaleb Lee Hill for DUI drugs and resisting arrest, and Brian Scott Boatman for vehicular manslaughter.

Furthermore, Kendra Rose Trejo was arrested on misdemeanor and felony warrants for failure to appear, highlighting the ongoing efforts to address legal infractions in the county.

The Modoc County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to ensuring public safety and upholding the law amid the dynamic landscape of incidents and arrests within the community.

Sheriffs Booking

In the latest update from the Modoc County Jail, it has been reported that as of Tuesday morning, the facility is currently accommodating 27 individuals. Among them are three females and 24 males, bringing the jail’s population close to its maximum capacity of 43. Additionally, one individual is serving time in another correctional facility.

The recent bookings into the jail offer a snapshot of law enforcement activities in the area:

On April 9, Amanda Marie Hamilton, 37 years old from Alturas, was brought in to serve a sentence for a DUI conviction. Held without bail, Hamilton’s case is set to be reviewed by the Modoc Superior Court.

Subsequently, on April 11, Robin Lee Klabbatz, a 66-year-old resident of Alturas, was arrested for violating probation. Klabbatz is being held on a $20,000 bail, as determined by the Modoc County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

Further arrests followed on April 12, with Peter Joseph Ballard, 44, facing charges of driving unlicensed and violating a court order. Ballard’s bail was set at $6,000 by the MCSO. Additionally, Skylar Alexander Favier, 47, was detained for disorderly conduct/alcohol based on directives from the Alturas Police Department (APD).

On April 13, James Lee Crampton, 42, was arrested by the APD on a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear and trespassing. Crampton’s bail stands at $5,000.

The following day, April 14, saw Kaleb Lee Hill, 20, arrested by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for DUI drugs and resisting arrest. Hill’s bail was set at $25,000.

On April 15, Brian Scott Boatman, 44, surrendered to serve a sentence for vehicular manslaughter, with no bail set pending court proceedings at the Modoc Superior Court. Kendra Rose Trejo, 42, from Fort Bidwell, CA, was arrested by the MCSO on misdemeanor and felony warrants for failure to appear, with bail set at $5,000.

These bookings underscore the multifaceted efforts of law enforcement agencies in Modoc County to address various infractions and maintain public safety.

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