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Straightening the Record: Clarifying Changes and Intentions

It’s crucial to clear the air and provide clarity amidst recent developments at the Modoc County Record. Over the past month, there have been significant changes, and it’s important to address them. Our readers, and indeed the entire community, deserve transparency and truth, principles we hold dear here at the Modoc County Record.

Who is the new owner of the newspaper, and what motivates them? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m TJ Montemer, originally from Orange County, California, specifically Seal Beach, where I currently reside with my family. I’m blessed with a wonderful spouse, Kaye, and two young children. My passion for local news led me to acquire several newspapers in Los Angeles, where I began my career. The Modoc County Record aligns perfectly with my dedication to preserving and advancing community journalism. Why did I choose to invest in a newspaper so far from home? Simply put, my love for local news knows no bounds, and I’m committed to ensuring its vitality wherever it may be.

In my initial column on April 4th, I emphasized my mission to combat news deserts, areas where local news sources have disappeared, leaving communities uninformed. The previous owners, Rick and Jane, did an admirable job of stewarding this newspaper, but they were ready to pass the torch. Without a new owner stepping in, the paper faced the risk of closure within months. I couldn’t let that happen. The Modoc County Record plays a vital role in the community, and preserving it is essential.

Why the immediate increase in subscription rates? Put simply, it was necessary. We have ambitious plans to enhance our coverage through investments in video content, a revamped website, and an engaging email newsletter. To sustain these improvements, we need support from our readers. The subscription rate increase is modest, just seven cents per week, and standalone copies purchased from our office or other locations will see a fifty-cent increase. However, subscribing not only ensures access to our content but also supports the advertising revenue that keeps us afloat. For those accustomed to picking up copies in person, we offer subscription options with office pickup to maintain convenience while enjoying reduced rates.

It’s also important to consider the broader landscape of local news pricing in surrounding communities. Other local newspapers, including the Herald News, typically range between $1.25 and $2.50 per issue. This context underscores the value proposition of our modest subscription rate increase and reinforces our commitment to providing accessible, quality journalism to the Modoc County community.

In summary, our aim is to uphold the legacy of the Modoc County Record while ushering in a new era of community journalism. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we navigate these changes together.

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