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In response to Don:

I understand where you are coming from but, I do feel there is a comfort in knowing that if need be, there will be emergency personnel. Heaven forbid a fight were to emerge, or someone starts a fire there will be resources available to prevent any altercation and fire spreading in a protected forest.

When you go on a long road trip you bring extra bottled water and have jumper cables on hand. Am I assuming that my car will go dead and I will have to jump it? No. Do I assume I will be stranded in the middle of nowhere without water? No, but I remain prepared for whatever is on the open road and I want to be ready for whatever might lie ahead. 

If Modoc County gets approved for the location of the Rainbow Gathering I look forward to seeing all the peace, love and happiness that this gathering will bring to our warm, sweet, humble and happy community.

Associate Publisher

Chelsea Bacon

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

“Potential Return of Rainbow Gathering”, Record of May 16.

I can’t begin to express my relief that Sheriff Dowdy and his troops will be protecting us from a bunch of hippies camped out in the Warners 30 miles east of Likely, and no doubt practicing doctrines such as peace, love and happiness. What is it about the word ‘rainbow’ that causes a surge of testosterone among those of the right? Is it the same impulse that causes them to ascribe “patriot” to folks who hang obscene flags in their yards for children to read? Sorry folks, but I’m a patriot, and I think that this part of the world could use a little bit of peace, love and happiness. Maybe you should take a drive out there and see what is actually going on. Besides, maybe they’ll spend a bit of money in our depressed little town on the way through.

Don Chapman 

California Pines

Special Thanks

Dear Jim Richardson and Mitch Crosby of the Modoc County Roads Department,

Thank you for advocating for safety and access in our most remote Modoc communities of Lookout and Fort Bidwell!  Bringing a professional team from Boston and Washington DC of videographers to our sites in person to meet locals and learn about our communities first hand is something so rare for us.  Your dedication and efforts to write grants that bring in real money to fix things is so impressive and greatly appreciated.  

Isolated rural places are used to being ignored or overlooked.  We never have the numbers to justify much attention.  You not only listened, you sought input from a variety of people and dedicated real resources to help us.  The Friday Night Live Kids were eager to share their experiences riding bikes on the street, and the FBIC residents wanted you to know about life out here for those of us with and without cars!  Our letter of support was a true whole community effort and we honor our first signer: Paula Sam.  Paula was a true leader and we continue to advocate for our community in her honor.

Being 26 miles (a whole marathon) from gas and grocery services is a challenge we accept.  However, maintaining a safe road in town and through the valley is BIG.  Your efforts to take on this BIG infrastructure need is something we could have never done on our own.  Thank you for recognizing the needs for those few and far isolated places!

Tanja Ramming – on behalf of the Fort Bidwell community

Pictured: Film Stars Vivian Arnett and Matthew Octuck being interviewed as part of the federal grant funding the upgrades to County Road 1 in Surprise Valley.

Looking Back

113 Years Ago* – 1911 

THE BOARD of Supervisors will be asked at the July meeting to make appropriations for the construction of a road up the river to Jess Valley, thus avoiding the circuitous route over the hills by West Valley into Jess Valley. . . There will be about25 new houses built in Alturas this year. . . Alturas beat Madeline 9-1 in baseball and will go to Madeline next Sunday to return the match. A special car will make the trip on the NCO and the fare is $1, providing there are enough who want to go. . . The new Hotel Curtis has set rates for rooms with bath for $1.50, others, 75. Cents and 50 cents. Meals are 50 cents and children’s 25 cents.

86 Years Ago – 1936

SENATOR HAROLD J. Powers has declared if he is re-elected, he will work for repeal of the forked horn law. . . Alturas has been divided into zones for a city clean-up day, June 17. Captains of the five zones are Cash Lightner, Bill Tierney, Darrold Huffaker, O. D. Morgan and M. J. Auble. The Forest Service will supply trucks to haul the refuse. . . Twenty-five men have been employed in the Walker-Hovey Lumber Co. and railroad, giving promise to a real live wire economy in Canby. . . Dorothy McGarva will be the Modoc High School entrant in the Goddess of Liberty contest. The biggest event of the year, the Eagles picnic, will be held at Romero Lodge, June 21.

63 Years Ago – 1961

THE SWIMMING pool will open the first of June, according to lifeguard Verna Wentzell. Assiatants are Pat Olds and Carla Hess. . . The Alturas 20-30 Club has taken over the job of building a new baseball diamond on Fourth Street. . . The Niles Theater opened, and the first movie was “North to Alaska” . . . Temperatures have been in the 80’s all week in Alturas.

53 Years Ago – 1971

BOB HOWARD of Lakeview has been named manager of PP&L in Alturas. . . Ken McGarva was named president of the Modoc Cattlemen’s Association at the annual Field Day held at the SX Ranch. . . Cal Pines has gone to trial over a logging dispute in the subdivision. The developers claim that the loggers have not employed good logging practices in the removal of 17 million board feet of timber from the area.

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