July 13, 2024
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Jack Eddy, teacher of World History, US History, and Government/Economics, has demonstrated his worthiness of the Modocer of the Month title. He consistently aids students in need, showcasing his sincere dedication to their learning. Always ready to address any questions, Mr. Eddy exemplifies kindness and compassion in his teachings. We take pride in having Mr. Eddy as a valued member of the Modoc High School staff.

Becca Worch, our senior Modocer of the Month, shines as both an active student-athlete and a dedicated scholar. She approaches every endeavor with grace and kindness, serving as a reliable confidant for her peers. Becca’s exceptional musical talent and humor bring joy to all those around her. Overall, she stands out as a remarkable student who contributes to making MHS a more vibrant community. Go Braves! 

This month, Junior Lewis Crumwell is being honored as the Modocer of the Month for his exceptional contributions and enduring kindness. Lewis’s resilience in overcoming obstacles while maintaining a positive attitude distinguishes him. He is celebrated for his kindness, humor, inclusivity, diligence, and intelligence. Lewis’s dedication and determination promise remarkable accomplishments ahead. His presence enriches the environment at Modoc High School.

This month, we’re delighted to highlight sophomore Owen Romesha as our Modocer of the Month. Owen’s dedication, creativity, and readiness to assist others make him stand out. He serves as an exemplary role model for our community, always striving to excel and fearlessly tackling challenges. Owen’s exceptional efforts go beyond expectations, and Modoc High School takes pride in having him as a student.

Introducing Atty Williams, our freshman Modocer of the Month! Not only does Atty demonstrate exceptional athletic abilities, but she also excels academically. Alongside maintaining commendable grades, she embodies kindness, compassion, and determination. Atty’s inclusive nature ensures that all her peers feel valued and welcomed. She brightens the atmosphere at Modoc High School with her compassionate demeanor, leaving a positive impact wherever she goes.

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Haystack Fire in Eagleville at around 2:40 on County Road 31. Thankfully the Fire department was able to extinguish the flames by 4:30

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