July 12, 2024
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We want to thank the Modoc County Sheriff’s Posse for putting on the horse show in memory of our daughter Aimee. We know how much work goes into putting it on. She loved helping the posse out each year and helping out the kids.

Thank you 
The Boulade Family

Dear Editor,

My wife and I had our weekly breakfast on this fine Tuesday morning at the Wagon Wheel in Alturas, and our favorite server told us that earlier this morning she served 18 students and their teacher from the high school. The students are in the calculus class and the teacher is their calculus teacher. 

Wow, 18 calculus students from little Modoc High School? I went to high school on the Monterey Peninsula back around the time Father Junipero Serra was establishing the 21 missions in California (snicker, snicker), and I was an honors student (I think they call it AP now). I did honors physics, chemistry, math, and civics. In my honors math classes we had what was called “math analysis” one semester followed by calculus the next semester, and in a high school with over 1,000 students our honors math classes didn’t even have ten students let alone 18. Needless to say, I’m impressed that Modoc HS has such a high emphasis on higher math with students interested to learn higher math from a math teacher willing to offer it. 

So allow me to offer this challenge to the calculus students at Modoc HS: “Euler’s Formula”. We were given this challenge in our honors math class. Euler’s Formula gives a real positive solution to the “imaginary” math statement “i to the i power”, or the square root of a negative one raised to the power of the square root of a negative one. The solution involves “e” and trigonometric principles. 

Have fun, and congrats!!

Jeff Middlebrook
Lookout, CA

Looking Back

113 Years Ago – 1911

A. E. PEARSON was the low bidder to build the new Alturas Grammar School and the contract was awarded for the $20,350 structure this week. It is hoped that the

cornerstone can be laid at the celebration July 3. . . The Alturas orchestra has been

furnished music for the baseball boys for dancing. The orchestra is a credit to Modoc and deserving of liberal patronage.

103 Years Ago – 1921

THE ALTURAS baseball team will play the Willow Ranch team Sunday. Alturas players are Merrill Auble, Warren and Marion Sloss, Gilbert Armstrong, Loren Niles, Greg Hawkins, Neal Dunlap, Jack Wilson, John Miller and Doug Estes. . . Dr. E. F. Auble will be in Sacramento this week to try to negotiate a state bridge over the Pit River north of Alturas. He has also been delegated by the Board to see if he can get the state moving on doing some work on the Alturas-Cedarville road.

98 Years Ago – 1926

THE TEACHING staff for the fall term at Alturas Elementary School has been named

and includes L. C. Forbes, Principal, Catherine Gloster, Dorothy Gloster, Ida Heard, Ella Archer, Catherine Smith, Mary Mullins and Gussie Hintz. . . Candidates from all sections of the county for the Goddess of Liberty contest are: Cedarville, Doris Mickle; Ft. Bidwell, Ariel Petersen; Likely, Julia Hughes; Eagleville, Allie Neasham; New Pine Creek, Erbe Menfee,; Adin, Mildred Scott; Lake City, Bernice Quinby; Canby, Francis Kane; Lookout, Bessie Potter; Davis Creek, Dorothy Vermillion; and Alturas, Forrest Hughes.

68 Years Ago – 1956

TELEVISION may at last come to Alturas. A station KOTI is being built in Klamath Falls, and reception in Alturas is expected. . . Gus Dekker was named head of the Alturas 20- 30 Club. . . Steve Rusyn is new president of the Lions. . . Fifty inmates from Folsom Prison have been assigned to work with Modoc fire crews this summer.

53 Years Ago – 1971

OPEN of summer school in Alturas will find 22 students signed up. . . Sirloin tip steaks were on sale at $1.29. . . A mountain lion was spotted at Pine Creek Reservoir walking along a fence line and came within sighting distance of numerous fishermen on the pond.

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